It's nearly done

Mittwoch, 18.06.2014


it's unbelievable that I will leave Malta in 12 days. During the past 5 and a half months time flew by so fast. The time to say goodbye will come soon and I don't like these moments. We already celebrated the discharge of my German colleague Michelle. We had some food with our colleagues and little gifts were given to each other.

I have met a lot of people here and some of them became really good friends, for example a lot of French people from Paris, a crazy girl from London, some cool girls from Budapest and the list goes on. I hope I will stay in contact with them because we had a lot of fun together:) One of my best friends of them already left and it was a really sad moment.

I am really happy that the world cup already started and I can watch good football every day:)

At work I am working with MS Visio, MS Access and with MS Excel (checking databases).

Next week there will be my last entry!

Regards Bela


Donnerstag, 29.05.2014

Hello All,

the last two weeks have been quite good:) On a sunday a friend of mine from Berlin was here for a few hours. He works on the "MS Europa 2", one of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world. He guided us around the ship. Was really cool to see how a suite looks like which is 16.000 Euros per week per person. Here some pictures to get an impression

After the nice guidance we had the chance to buy cigarettes and alcohol duty free and with staff discount, really nice :):)

At work one of the colleagues wanted to give us more filing. She even wanted to give us so much that we would have done it until the end of our internship. But I told her I won't do this anymore because I don't improve my English skills or learn a new way of working. She got angry and so did I! After a little louder conversation I talked to my boss and he said that he can definetely understand my point of view and gave us new tasks:)

Besides the other colleague is not talking to me anymore, she doesn't even wish a good morning :D

We also have a new traidition: every Wednesday me, Nico and Momo are invited to Michelles, Sarahs and Mellys house to have Spaghetti Bolognese:) The tradition started because I did not want to spend my time allone with the guest I had. Unfortunately it will end next week because the 3 girls are leaving earlier than us.

I am still going to the gym 3 times a week and I still going to party Friday and Saturday:)

Ahh and I nearly forgot, we had a boat party and it was amazing. I jumped in the water from the boat at around 10 pm. It was so freezing but definetely worth it.

Have a nice rest of the week

Bela :):):)


Exciting week

Mittwoch, 07.05.2014

Hello All,

the last week was really exciting. On Wednesday evening the girl from Germany arrived and I took her to a firework on the first evening. The next day we visited the Blue Lagoon. A really beautiful place!!

There were many of those little lizzards. I also like this little animals because they seem like they love sunbathing just like me.

On Saturday i was swiiming with the dolphins, an unforgettable experience. I will never forget this day because these animals are so amazing. They react to your actions just like you trained them. Even the dolphin and the sea lion shows were amazing. The park also has some nice reptils and birds.

I have to admit that it was a very stupid idea to invide a girl I don't really know to stay for 10 days. This Friday she is going back home and I will feel free again:). Never again I will do something this stupid, because you have to stay every free minute you have with your guest.

At work I am still doing a lot of filing. Today we got a new task, comparing the files of terminated students to the appropriate list.

Have a nice rest of the week

Bela :)  

First trouble and the big day :)

Mittwoch, 30.04.2014

Hello all,

the last week was really exciting. At first I tried a Maltese delicacy, the octopus. I have never thought I would try this but to my surprise it was really good. I got it from a really nice colleague at work, my colleagues treat me so nice I can't discribe it. For example every day in the morning I get  a little sweet and mostly I get a lunch as well. I likes most the roasted chicken, the rabbit and the typical Maltese sausage.

On Friday in Paceville I got in trouble the first time. I was in a mini van ( they take you home from the clubs for 2,50 euro) and 4 people moved out of the bus and screamed at the driver. I wanted to stop this and got hit once. The driver close the door really fast so I had no chance to hit back. It looks worse than it actually was.

The people here really fight too much but I went to Paceville again the next day:)

On Sunday the weather was really nice so I spend the day with Momo, Nico and a lot of French friends at the beach.  We loan a paddleboat and spend an hour on that boat for only 8 euros.

At work we have to do some filing at the moment and I help a colleague, who unfortunately is in a wheelchair, carrying boxes and files.

Today the German girl I wrote about before is arriving in the vevening, so I am really excited.

I will report about my week with her next week:)

See you



Settled in :)

Mittwoch, 23.04.2014

Hello :)

meanwhile everything is so normal here, I don't really know what to write about. 

At work we are still trying to build up our own database on Microsoft Access, but is still complicated. There are new problems upcoming and some of them are really difficult to solve. When we can't find a solution we still have the possibility to ask Mr. Curmi for help. The students have vacation for more then a week now and the campus looks like a ghost city :D

Unfortunately here the Easter Monday is no public holiday, so we had to work this Monday whereas my friends in Germany had a day off.

At the weekends me and my friend Nico are still going to Paceville, the area where all the clubs are. It is unbelievable how many fights you see there. What i really hate about this is that they mostly fight one to many. I have been interrupting more fights in this 4 months then in my whole life before.

What I love about Malta are my colleagues. At work I get treated so nice, it is hard to understand why the atmosphere in German workplaces is so different. One of my colleagues told her brother to cook rabbit for me (typical Maltese food) and the next day she brought me rabbit with sauce and peas and it is very very tasty and healthy.

Exactly in 1 week the German girl is coming and I feel a little bit excited as it gets closer. I have only seen her once in my life and now we have our first date on Malta. 

As I promised you get some pictures of the beach day and me and Nico sunbathing during the break:)  


Mittwoch, 16.04.2014

Hello all

last Wednesday me and my colleagues went to the beach instead of working. It was really cool and my skin turned darker after o full day of sunshine:) Unfortunately this was the only "MCAST Spring Day" for  the time I stay here. I played football, volleyball and dutchball.

At work me and Michelle learn more and more about Microsoft Access and I have never thought that this is so complicated. But I am really thankful to have to opportunity to learn something completly new.

We still go out to celebrate every weekend and it never gets boring allthough we go to the same clubs every time. We know more people that we meet and there are more tourists coming.

Unfortunatly I can't input some pictures this time because my mobile is not working good today so you will see me playing football at the beach next week;)

Have a nice rest of the week


I'm loving it :)

Dienstag, 08.04.2014

Hey there

this week I am writing to you on Tuesday already because tomorrow we have the "MCAST Spring Day", which means we are going with our colleagues to the beautiful Golden Bay and do some sports there! :) Next week you will see the pictures ;)

At work we have got a new task to do. With some online material( Youtube videos, notes) we have to learn have to create a database with Microsoft Access what is quite interesting to me. In between we still do some filing.

The weekend was wonderful like always, we had a lot of fun with a lot of French, Hungarian, Canadian and of course Maltese people. On Friday we wanted to party a little at my flat but it was to loud for the neighbours so we went on to Paceville.

I can even speak a little bit of the Maltese language, which is spoken only on Malta. For example I can tell girls that they look very cute but I can't write this.

Another thing i love about Malta, besides the weather, the beaches, the culture, the buildings, the unbelievable friendly people and the palmtrees, is the ice cream. It is very delicious over here and I could eat it every day :D

The pictures show me at the science week in the intitute of Applied Sciences and on a very high wall in Sliema.

I will write next week, byby


Second Half :)

Mittwoch, 02.04.2014


the half of the time of my internship on Malta is over, so the second half starts:)

The weekend was really cool because Me and Nico ( the usual party crew) celebrated with our German friends (Michelle, Sarah, Melly) and our French friends (8 girls) and we meet some really cool Maltese people. I think when I go back to Germany I will miss some of this crazy people.

This week started with a public holiday on Monday, the best start in the week I can imagine :)

At work our tasks will change from today, because we have the possibility to learn how to create a database on our own. We have to learn this by some online videos, where is explained how to use the programme Microsoft Acces, which is needed to create the database.

At the last week a colleague of us gave me and Nico a nice guidance to valletta. He told us something about the history and that no tourist guide would bring you to these places.

The weather is so nice today and yesterday it was too hot for me to stay in t-shirt.

So you can see I am still enjoying my time abroad. Of course I miss my family and friends more and more but I did it without crying the last 3 months so I will do without crying the next 3 months ;)

Here some more pictures

You will here more next week, have a nice rest of the week


Looking forward to everything :)

Mittwoch, 26.03.2014

Hello all,

this week nothing crazy or unusual happened to me. At work I still file so many copies of certificates, resignations, struck-off letters and other documents. I don't know for how long I will be doing this but I am sure that some other tasks will be prepared for me as well.

At the weekend I went to Paceville and celebrated with my friends. It was really funny but you see a lot of fights, much more then in Berlin.

On Sunday me, Nico and Momo went to the so called 'open-market', where you can buy everything from clothes to electrical goods to food to living animals. I bought shampoo, a Tupac-shirt and a beard trimmer :)

A boy gave me his snake to take a picture. Really cool animal.

I also got good news from home, a girl I met in a club back in Berlin a very short time before I left, comes here to get to know me better. A girl I have seen once in my life and she comes to malta just to visit me:)

All in all I am still happy to be here and enjoy the sun in my breaks, to work out for the beach season which is more than close and to get to know so many different people.

Besides I booked the swim-with dolphins programme which makes me really happy too:):)

Enjoy your week and I will write again soon.




More sun, more fun

Donnerstag, 20.03.2014


the best thing I can tell you about this week is that the weather gets better and better. Yesterday, when we had another day of public holiday, me and my friend Nico went to the beach and stayed there for a while. My face is still red :D The beach was kind of crowded and when you listen to some other people, you hear that more tourists are coming over.

At work my main task at this time is filing. Me and my german colleague Michelle have to file a lot of copies of certifcates. The task is not so interesting but someone has to do it. It took more then a week to file all of them.

My boss also gave me an introduction into Microsoft Acces, a programm which should help to reduce the time to work on one task. But there are still some problems because it is very difficult to connect the different lists with data of more than 6000 students.

I meanwhile miss some things I have in Germany for example my dishwasher, the weekly breakfast with my mother and my sisters, to play football and to hang around with my friends.

But all in all I am still very happy to make this experience and to get a good teint;)

Besides I don't date the Italian girl I reported about no more because of different reasons!

Have a nice rest of the week!

Regards Bela

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